Work Experience Program 15-25-35

Students will only be considered for Work Experience if they have demonstrated good attendance for a period of three months. Students with poor attendance records will not be permitted to take Work Experience.

Prerequisite Courses: Students must successfully complete CTR1210 (Personal Safety) and CTR2210
(Workplace Safety Practices) prior to registering in Work Experience. Students must hold a valid WHMIS certificate and it is recommend that students also complete CTR3210 (Safety Management Systems) and hold a valid First Aide Certificate.

This program is designed to allow students the opportunity to get first hand experience with real work situations. Many businesses agree to take students and give them limited on-the-job training, allowing students an opportunity to plan their future more realistically. Work Experience serves to give the student an understanding of good and bad work habits, of employer/employee relations, and an understanding of how a business operates. In addition, for a student who has made tentative career decisions, it gives him/her a chance to test these decisions in a real work situation. Some other advantages not directly related to education include part-time job opportunities, summer job opportunities and references useful in applying for full time work. There is no play for Work Experience.

Work Experience begins with a series of classroom sessions on job search and job keeping skills. Students
participate in discussions and activities on employability skills, interviewing skills, job trends, writing a resume and cover letter, and employability portfolios. Students are required to complete CTR1010, a one credit CTS course prior to beginning Work Experience. Students then apply for jobs, are accepted and report to their cooperating business for a period determined by the business and program coordinator. Final marks are calculated 70% on the employer’s report and 30% on the Work Experience Coordinator’s report.

Credits awarded

Work Experience may be taken for a minimum of 5 credits with each credit requiring 25 hours of
instruction and/or work. A maximum of 15 Work Experience credits may be credited towards a High
School Diploma.

There are a wide variety of excellent work sites that students can apply for. Following are some of the types of work:

  • Apprenticing Trades - Auto Technician, Plumber, etc.
  • Secretarial
  • Emergency Services
  • Teacher Assistant
  • Medical - Optometry, Dental, CLHC, Rehabilitation, Animal Care
  • Computer Operation
  • Retailing
  • Beauty Culture
  • Banking
  • Food Industry
  • Child Care

Transportation to and from work is the responsibility of the individual student and his/her parents.

You can register in Work Experience any time prior to March 1 but you must be prepared to spend either all morning or all afternoon at work. Spending half a day for 4 months in Work Experience will earn you 10 credits, the same as you would earn in regular classes. Prior to beginning Work Experience, students are strongly encouraged to have given some serious thought as to which occupation they wish to gain experience in and where possible, they should have participated in a job shadow.