CTS: Wildlife Program

WLD1010: What is Wildlife?
Students demonstrate knowledge of wildlife and ecosystems, and examine the need to manage and conserve wildlife.

WLD1080: Angling & Fish
Management Students explain the role of recreational fishing in the management and conservation of fish resources, and demonstrate knowledge of the responsible practices required for fishing or related outdoor activities. he significance of wildlife in society, analyze relationships between humans.

WLD1030: Outdoor Experiences 1
(Survival Skills) Students demonstrate the basic skills required for responsible participation in a range of outdoor activities.

WLD1050: Taking Responsibility
(People, Culture & Wildlife) Students explain the significance of wildlife in society, examine relationships among humans and wildlife, and research potential career opportunities in wildlife-related fields.

CALM **this is a required course for Alberta High School Diploma

This program will provide students with the opportunity to develop and practice communicating and thinking skills in situations that will help them build confidence in their ability to cope with the stress of growing up and living with a rapidly changing society. The course will address the following:
St. John Ambulance standard first aide course ($21.00 fee for this course)
Personal values and goal setting
Dimensions of health
Career development and the world of work
Independent living
Job Site Safety Program (3 modules)