CTS: Communication Technology Program

COM1020: Media & You
Students are provided with a hands-on introduction to the various segments of communication studies: presentation and communication, photography, print, and audio/video production.

COM1050: Printing 1
Students are introduced to basic layout/design techniques and to various print reproduction processes; e.g., offset, screen, electrostatic.

Course COM1210: Digital Imaging 1
Students will learn the fundamentals of digital image acquisition, using a digital camera. Images will be saved to a folder or directory and manipulated, using bitmap editing software.

COM1060: Audio/Video Production 1
Students acquire basic production skills through the use of simple audio and/or video equipment and techniques.

COM1070: Animation 1
Students are introduced to a variety of animation techniques and are given the opportunity to produce simple animation.

COM1080: Digital Design 1
Students are introduced to the integration of various media; e.g., audio, video, photographic, graphic, for the purpose of producing a multimedia message.